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Organizational Overview

The Missouri Wolverines Football Club is part of the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization INC. (A Missouri 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation).

The Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization Inc. is a non-profit sports and educational organization created for the youth of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The Missouri Wolverines Organization was created to provide an opportunity for young people to be involved in meaningful activities and to be taught the skills necessary to be successful not only in sports, but in school, and in the community. Our athletes will be taught the skills for successfully doing tasks, critical thinking, problem solving, and working with others. Communication skills, assertiveness, and the ability to protect themselves in today’s challenging world are other skills that will be introduced to members.

Our main focus of the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization is its development of the student-athlete. This is aimed at young men and women who are serious about athletic commitment.

The goal of the program is to provide our players with an avenue through which they can perfect their athletic skills while allowing them to compete in an area on both a Local and Regional Level. This will also enable them to expand their opportunities for high school and at the same time, develop a strong sense of self-worth, sportsmanship, and success in academics and community service.

Along with opportunities for involvement and the skills to take advantage of the opportunities, children will be recognized and acknowledged for their efforts. Recognition will give young people the incentive to continue to contribute and reinforces them for their hard work.


Why We Need Your Help?

The Missouri Wolverines have 120 tackle football players, approximately 30 flag football players with 30 volunteer coaches which does not include the over 400 parents and relatives that become part of the program during the season. Our main goal is to provide the safest environment for our athletes to have fun while learning to be competitive and how to push themselves to be better, whether it be at football or in everyday life. However, this is not free and costs the organization a great deal each year. The Missouri Wolverines depend on sponsorship from the community to help meet budget costs. In return, the Missouri Wolverines are a charitable organization which means donations are tax-deductible which makes it even more lucrative to help the Wolverines.

Yearly expenses include sponsorship for under priviledged athletes, helping purchase necessary equipment for less fortunate athletes such as cleats, maintaining the Missouri Wolverines Indoor Turf Facility, the reconditioning of equipment issued to our athletes, insurance on the Wolverines equipment, and liability insurance on the organization, and the Annual Year-End Awards Banquet. These are just a few of the cost the Wolverines incur each year. However this year, the Wolverines are also trying to raise extra funds for NEW projects which we feel will take us another step closer to improving our program.


How Can You Benefit?

  • Visibility - The Missouri Wolverines Organization acknowledges all those who support our organization.
  • This is a TAX DEDUCTABLE donation.
  • A tax ID number and receipt will be provided upon request.
  • Our youth are the future of this country and this community. This program significantly contributes to the positive development of our youth - our future leaders. Investing in our youth should be everyone’s goal.



What sets the Missouri Wolverines apart from other youth football programs is the level of involvement which is volunteered by a Missouri Wolverines coach. The Missouri Wolverines consider the coaches the foundation of the organization and they are the building blocks for which the program will either succeed or fail. The coaches meet regularly over the summer to have coaches meeting to prepare for the upcoming season. These men volunteer their time not to relive a dream through kids but to help young athletes become young men through a sport that touched them in their lives.



If you are interested in sponsoring the Wolverines and need more information:
Please email us at [email protected] or call 816-379-3692.

To contact us via US Mail:
Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization Inc.
735 North Chestnut Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64120



You can now donate to the Missouri Wolverines Youth Organization Inc. from your credit card by contacting us. Remember the Missouri Wolverines have a charitable 501(c) 3 non-profit status, so all donations are tax-deductible.

2024 Youth Football Signups

2024 Youth Football Signups
The Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Club in Kansas City Missouri is accepting signups for players for any player looking to play youth tackle tackle or flag football in Kansas City Missouri. Current and New Players are encouraged to sign up online via our online registration portal where they can also pay for football fees as well.

Online Registration is Open for players to Register Now for the 2024 Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program in Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Athlete Training

Off-Season Football Training
At Kansas City Athlete Training located in Kansas City Missouri, experienced as well as beginner youth football players can work on improving during the offseason by attending one or several Football Specific Training Classes part of our Football Academy to improve their techniques as well as get in shape by attending Speed and Agility Sports Performance Training including Middle School Weightlifting. The Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program highly recommends all current, new and/or interested football players looking to join the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program to attend classes leading up to the fall season. Kansas City Athlete Training has provided training for all sports via speed and agility classes and weightlifting classes plus football training for every position on the field including 1-on-1 personal training since 2005.

Kansas City Youth Football Camp

2024 Kansas City Youth Football Camp
WHEN: Monday June 10th - Thursday June 13th
TIME: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Kansas City Athlete Training Facility
The Kansas City Youth Football Camp Staff is proud to announce the 23rd Year of our annual Youth Football Camp. The 23rd Annual Kansas City Youth Football Camp focusing on the techniques and fundamentals needed to succeed at the youth level and to help players prepare for the 2024 football season. Aside from learning the game of football, camp staff will talk to the players each night about football, life, and why playing youth football is important.