Helmet Upgrade Program

Helmet Upgrade Program for the Missouri Wolverines Youth Tackle and Flag Football Club in Kansas City Missouri

The Missouri Wolverines Helmet Upgrade Program was created to help facilitate parents who were interested in purchasing their own personal Missouri Wolverines painted Riddell Speed Flex Helmet for their child to wear while playing within the Missouri Wolverines Football Club.  The Missouri Wolverines issue outstanding gear to our players which has been reconditioned and recertified to the latest NOSCAE standards however since we re-issue our helmets every year most of our helmets have been used in the past.

At the end of every season, our helmets are cleaned and repainted including reconditioned and recertified, however we have parents who wish to purchase their own new personal helmet for their child.  This can be a costly and a risky investment especially if your child outgrows the helmet. You really do not want to buy a size too big for your child because that is unsafe. So if you purchased a helmet in 2022 then what do you do with that same helmet if your child outgrows the helmet in 2023. These questions led to the creation of the Missouri Wolverines Helmet Upgrade Program.  The program allows parents of the Missouri Wolverines to purchase their own Riddell Speed Flex Helmet.

The  Missouri Wolverines helmets worn by our players are a custom paint style with a Matte Navy Blue and Michigan Replica Wings which prohibit parents from going to just any vendor to buy a helmet.  The Missouri Wolverines work specifically with Riddell stocking only Riddell helmets at this time. Since we want to ensure all players are wearing properly fitted gear and that same gear has been recertified each year is why we do not allow parents to go buy their own helmets or just paint their own helmets. This keeps both the Missouri Wovlerines and the players themselves safe.

The Missouri Wolverines Helmet Upgrade Program comes with some very important rules which apply when purchasing a helmet through this program

  • The initial purchase of the the helmet is a stand alone separate fee above the Missouri Wolverines Registration Fee. This does not lower or alter your registration fee at all.
  • In order to qualify for the Missouri Wolverines Upgrade Exchange program, your helmet must be turned into the Missouri Wolverines at the end of each season so that your helmet can be properly reconditioned and recertified. This is part of the maintenance obligation to stay eligible and enrolled in the program as we want to make sure that the helmet stays in good condition and is recertified each year.
  • The Missouri Wolverines will recondition and recertify the helmet each season which includes repainting the helmet to the Missouri Wolverines colors for no extra charge other than your registration fee.
  • SPECIAL CLAUSE - if you return your helmet to the Missouri Wolverines to be reconditioned and for some reason you decide not to play for the Missouri Wolverines the following year, you will be charged a $65.00 reconditioning fee.
  • The Missouri Wolverines Upgrade Exchange Program must be completed before the beginning of the players 8th Grade season. This means you cannot exchange or upgrade your helmet at the end of your 8th Grade year.
  • At the conclusion of the 8th Grade season, the helmet is yours and we will put you in touch with the Riddell Rep to get the helmet reconditioned and repainted to match your high school as these helmets can be worn in high school. The reconditioning charge and setup is your responsibility and not the Missouri Wolverines.
  • If the helmet fails the reconditioning process, meaning it is broke or cracked because of unauthorized use other than a Missouri Wolverines practice or game than the Missouri Wolverines Helmet Upgrade Exchange Program becomes null and void. Meaning if you decide to participate in personal training or an offseason camp, game or practice and your helmet breaks... the Missouri Wolverines will not replace the helmet. If the helmet is damaged during an authorized Missouri Wolverines practice or game than we will replace the helmet. This is important because it is an exchange program... if the helmet is not able to be exchanged than the Missouri Wolverines lose the money and the point of this program is be a win-win for everyone. If you are enrolled in the exchange program and at any time your helmet is broken or has an issue, the Missouri Wolverines will issue you one of our stock helmets to be used during our practices and games.
  • The helmet CAN NOT just be exchanged each year because you want a new one... meaning you do not get to exchange the helmet every single year for no reason without an UPGRADE. The evaluation of the helmet is at the discretion of the Missouri Wolverines Athletic Director. If Riddell comes out with a new helmet and you wish to UPGRADE to the newer style helmet than the price you paid initially for your helmet can go towards the newer helmet and you would only owe the difference in the helmet prices. Also, your old helmet because the property of the Missouri Wolverines at the time of the Upgrade and Exchange. For instance you are in the 4th Grade and purchase a helmet through this program at $400. Then in 6th Grade you wish to UPGRADE to an Adult Helmet which is a more expensive helmet at $455 then you would owe the $100 difference from what you initially paid.


Missouri Wolverines Helmet Exchange Program Prices

  • Adult Riddell SpeedFlex - $500.00 (initial helmet purchase price)


The Missouri Wolverines Helmet Upgrade Program can be updated and changed at any time. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Posted on March 14, 2023

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