Coaching Philosophy

Do You Wish To Become A Missouri Wolverines Coach?

The Missouri Wolverines are always looking for qualified coaches who are interested in working with young people. All of our coaches volunteer their time and must pass a background check as well as adhere to the Missouri Wolverines Coaching Philosophy which is listed below. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] or call our office at 816-379-3692


Missouri Wolverines Coaching Philosophy

The Missouri Wolverines coach is at once a teacher, a leader, an advisor, a public relations liaison agent, and a professional. In these capacities, the coach has an obligation to the Missouri Wolverines, to the sport he coaches, to his players, and to his fellow coaches.


A coach exercises a profound influence on his players during their formative years; therefore, the coach should be an educated and cultured individual with high ideals and firm principles. The coach must be dignified, serious, and even-tempered. The coach must have understanding, patience, and a personality that inspires confidence in those around him. The coach must be sincere in relationships with players and staff within the framework of his moral philosophy. The coach does not have to have been an outstanding player; however, the coach should be mentally attuned to the sport he coaches and must be adaptable.


The Missouri Wolverines coach should be aware of the duties and responsibilities involved in the coaching and teaching of a student-athlete. The coach must have a common sense approach to his sport, keeping it in its proper perspective within the fact that school and education always comes before sports. A major requirement for a coach is that he be a good teacher and role model, both on and off the field.


The Missouri Wolverines look to their coaches for organization and leadership. The coach must have sound judgment and the courage and ability to exercise that judgment when the situation warrants it.

The Missouri Wolverines coach must conduct himself ethically on and off the field at all times. The coach must play every game within the rules and within the spirit of the game, accepting success with humility and failure with grace. The coach must never bring dishonor upon Missouri Wolverines and his team.


Regardless of the level an athlete is playing on within the program, excellence is encouraged. Anything less is viewed as a compromise and no apologies are made for pressing athletes to strive to do their very best. Leadership is encouraged and rewarded; leaders become "multipliers" of the values and methods they have been taught.


What sets the Missouri Wolverines apart from other youth football programs is the level of involvement which is volunteered by a Missouri Wolverines coach. The Missouri Wolverines consider the coaches the foundation of the organization and they are the building blocks for which the program will either succeed or fail. The coaches meet regularly over the summer to have coaches meeting to prepare for the upcoming season. These men volunteer their time not to relive a dream through kids but to help young athletes become young men through a sport that touched them in their lives.


2024 Youth Football Signups

2024 Youth Football Signups
The Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Club in Kansas City Missouri is accepting signups for players for any player looking to play youth tackle tackle or flag football in Kansas City Missouri. Current and New Players are encouraged to sign up online via our online registration portal where they can also pay for football fees as well.

Online Registration is Open for players to Register Now for the 2024 Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program in Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City Athlete Training

Off-Season Football Training
At Kansas City Athlete Training located in Kansas City Missouri, experienced as well as beginner youth football players can work on improving during the offseason by attending one or several Football Specific Training Classes part of our Football Academy to improve their techniques as well as get in shape by attending Speed and Agility Sports Performance Training including Middle School Weightlifting. The Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program highly recommends all current, new and/or interested football players looking to join the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Program to attend classes leading up to the fall season. Kansas City Athlete Training has provided training for all sports via speed and agility classes and weightlifting classes plus football training for every position on the field including 1-on-1 personal training since 2005.

Kansas City Youth Football Camp

2024 Kansas City Youth Football Camp
WHEN: Monday June 10th - Thursday June 13th
TIME: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Kansas City Athlete Training Facility
The Kansas City Youth Football Camp Staff is proud to announce the 23rd Year of our annual Youth Football Camp. The 23rd Annual Kansas City Youth Football Camp focusing on the techniques and fundamentals needed to succeed at the youth level and to help players prepare for the 2024 football season. Aside from learning the game of football, camp staff will talk to the players each night about football, life, and why playing youth football is important.